Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 2

I almost lost my momentum. After a weekend off I was able to get myself motivated to work out on Monday and Tuesday. But work got the better of me, distracting me all day. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were no exercise days. I guess I did alright because I didn't play WoW either.

I got back on the wagon Saturday and ran on the treadmill. Today I squeezed a quick upper body work out between playing board games and WoW.

Our five-man group of Draenai had a planned dungeon run in Auchindoun. These are characters we rolled when Burning Crusade came out. We're taking our time with them.

According to the gym scale I weighed 268 today. That's two pounds more that I originally logged. I'm gonna blame Outback Steakhouse for that. If I don't start seeing some loss I'm going to start adjusting my diet.

Hope to spend this week on my noob Worgen and my Death Knight. Eufaula is just about done with Vashj'ir. Apparently the last quest there is bugged. Lame.

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