Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 4

Today was another tough day. I spent most of it cleaning the house and wasn't done until around four or five. I was really tempted to blow the gym off, but I had a scheduled run with my five-man group rolling through old Wrath content.

So I sucked it up and went to the gym (remembering to check in on Foursquare). I did a leg workout that was given to me by my old personal trainer, but it had been so long since he showed me the exercises that I couldn't figure out a couple of the exercises. I substituted machines -- wound up doing five or six different exercises. Four sets, 12 reps per.

It wasn't the most intense work out, but I'm not going to take points off considering it was my fourth day in a row at the gym.

Our five-man run today went smoothly, we blew through Drak'Tharon keep, which was pretty fun. We're gearing up for the Violent Hold next.

Last night I was up until around two with my death knight. I got her just under level 82 questing in the Shimmering Expanse. I got to the bit where you play as a Naga (you're actually reliving flashbacks). I had a sliver of rest when I was done so I think I'm going to give her a break tonight. The rest I gain tonight will probably be enough that I'll never have to play purple again.

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