Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fucking Pierre

My work out schedule has remained fairly un-interupted. I'm making it to the gym six, maybe five days a week. I was pretty enthusiastically checking in to 24 Hour Fitness via Foursquare in an attempt to oust some dude named Pierre as the mayor. But I suspect there's some kind of shenanigans going on with the way that Foursquare determines mayorship. For at least ten days straight the app told me I was one day away from becoming mayor. Sure, Pierre could have always been one step ahead. But after a long weekend he'd still be one day ahead. We can't be on the exact schedule.

Anyway, turns out there are two different 24 Hour Fitness GPS tags and I suspect that Pierre's is the unofficial one. So now I'm chasing some other dude and am a week or two away.

Workouts are good. My knee is better so I can hack the eliptical trainer. Been making the most progress with my upper body routine -- gradually adding weight to my exercises. I went to a couple of yoga classes and will probably stick with that -- though I kind of miss the hippie-dippie spiritual stuff they did in all the Los Angeles yoga studios. Here it's all about stretching and one "namaste" at the end.

I broke 85 with Eufaula, my Death Knight. Our guild, The Velvet Glove, just got to level 2. Not bad for a guild of maybe ten or so. I'm gonna start working to get Anikulapo up to 85 next. Gotta learn how to heal again. At one point the scale in the house said I weighed 259, but now it reads 262.