Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 3

Today was the toughest day for me so far. After a couple of days its easy to lose enthusiasm for this whole exercise thing. On top of that I met somebody for lunch. I live in Bumfuck, Egypt, so that means a couple hours of driving to civilization. I didn't get home until four o'clock or so. Any excuse will do, right?

So, I realized yesterday that I talked up my World of Warcraft goals, but not my health goals. I guess that says a lot about my mindset. So basically I don't want die. And I don't want to become a huge fat dork. But those aren't really constructive, easy to measure goals. So for the sake of productivity I'm hoping to get down to my ideal weight and get thin enough that I can fit into normal sized clothes. My nice cut-and-sew stuff has to be XXL and even then they feel tight sometimes.

As far as World of Warcraft goes last night wound up being mellow. I got my scheduling wrong (our "other guys" group meets tonight) so I spent a couple of hours with my death knight in The Shimmering Expanse. I love the story and setting down there -- especially Nespirah. The scale of the place is just bananas.

Anyway, I had a decent workout today. Spent 35 minutes on the treadmile. Alternated five walking briskly, five running. 2.44 miles. 234 calories. I feel pretty good, but still spent.

I noticed that they're having some kind of Foursquare promotion at 24 Hour Fitness, so I'm going to make sure to check in every time I work out. Maybe shooting for mayor there will give me the same kind of satisfaction that in-game achievements do.

Final thought: was thinking of an awesome 24 Hour Fitness / World of Warcraft cross promotion. Imagine how effective my work out regime would be if the computers at 24 Hour Fitness spoke directly to my authenticator. No play unless you physically check in at the gym. Your reward would be something like +5% to xp gain or something.

Lastly: The image above is me at Blizzcon. I'm the fat hippie on the right. Lets call that my "before."

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