Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 2

So far so good. Last night I got to play some World of Warcraft -- had a bit of a binge really. Started the evening at eight with my "static" group. That's a fixed party of five who all agree not to go level up. We schedule weekly dungeon runs and only play when the whole group can turn up. Since we're all adults that's not terribly often (once a week if we're lucky). Still, we're up to Ahn'kahet.

But that wasn't all of my play last night. At midnight I took my death knight (my only level 80) character into the new Cataclysm content. I love day one of MMOs. Spent a good four hours (half a level) there. Then, before bed I rolled a Worgen Druid just to reserve the character name I was hoping for.

Today I got to the gym around 4:30 and did the basic upper body work out my personal trainer outlined for me. That's six different arm and shoulder exercises. Three sets, twelve reps each. The experience was fairly joyless, but I got it done. Had a protein drink afterwards then went to Target to buy workout clothes -- I figured that not having clean clothes is a pretty lame excuse for not working out.

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