Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year

To my amazement I haven't fallen off the wagon. According to the scale I have dropped five pounds. Foursquare says I've been to 24 Hour Fitness 12 times (not counting times I forgot to check in). So I'd say that this whole thing is working.

I have, though, stopped logging my meals at DailyBurn. It's too much of a pain in the ass to keep up with. I think I'll check in every week or so to see what my calorie intake is, but I don't think I need to keep tabs that closely. I'm already making choices -- forgoing casual stops at fast food places in favor of the occasional rich meal from someplace I actually like.

My only difficulty with exercise so far has been with my knee. I feel stiffness and pain in my right knee. So I'm trying to lay off the treadmill and do more of my cardio on the eliptical machine.

Warcraft is going great. My Death Knight just dinged 83 (the Joust sequence in Mt. Hyjal was rad). We recruited my friend Jason (a serious raider) to help us run The Nexus on high difficulty so my brother-in-law could get a Red Winter Hat. That was fun, but I realized that after a couple of years as a casual Shadowpriest I suck ass at healing. Need to do something about that.

Most of my time has been spent fooling around with our guild's new lowbies -- a gang of Worgen now six or seven strong. I'm having fun revisiting old dungeons and earning guild achievements for the effort. I'm not sure, but I'm getting the itch to grow this guild a little more.

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